Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Carthusian monastery

" a community. Nevertheless, (the Carthusian monk) will pass the greater part of his life in his cell where he prays, works, takes his meals and sleeps. During the course of the week, he only leaves three times a days for (communal prayers and Mass): in the middle of the night, the Night Office, the morning Eucharist and Vespers towards the evening.

"The Carthusian can be a cloistered monk or a brother, two different ways of living the same vocation of solitude.

"This solitude is not lived for it's own sake, but as a privileged means of attaining intimacy with God."

The Carthusian website,, is a wonderful place to explore: with extensive information about their very special contemplative lifestyle (including their rigorous daily schedule); about their houses - for men and for women - in France, the United States and elsewhere (with beautiful pictures); and about vocations.

(Originally posted on A Penitent Blogger)