Saturday, October 23, 2004

Each of us

Alone in prayer before the Lord Jesus - Augustinian Nuns of Contemplative Life, New Lenox, IL

"whether we are aware of it or not,
is continually and insatiably drawn toward God.

"We are drawn by that natural longing
which, God himself, as a wise Creator,
has placed in our hearts.

"'You have made us for yourself,'
wrote Saint Augustine,
"and our hearts are restless
until they rest in you, O Lord.'

"Our primary ministry in the Church
and to our world
is our hidden life of prayer
as we witness to this search for God,
which is rooted in the heart of every human being.

"Consecrating ourselves to God
for his honor and glory
we share in the prayer of Jesus
that 'all may be one'
in the life and love
of our heavenly Father."
From the website of the Augustinian Nuns of Contemplative Life
New Lenox, IL