Monday, March 21, 2005

The minds of the faithful

"ought indeed, beloved,
always to be occupied with wonder at God's works
and their reasoning faculties
devoted particularly to those reflexions
by which they may gain increase of faith.

"For so long as the pious heart's attention
is directed either to the benefits which all enjoy,
or to special gifts of His grace,
it keeps aloof from many vanities
and retires from bodily cares
into a spiritual seclusion.

"But this must be
the more eagerly and thoroughly done
at the season of the Lord Passion,
that what is then read in the sacred lections
may surely be received with the ears of understanding,
and that the themes which are great in word
may be seen to be yet greater
from the mysterious realities which underlie them."

from a sermon by Pope St. Leo the Great