Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A life consecrated to prayer

"Unlike other Orders who have a specific active apostolate,
our apostolate is a life consecrated to prayer.

"This may seem foreign to a culture that is always on the go, a culture that has been formed in noise and activity. Because those in the world rarely take time to reflect upon the Lord in silence, it is hard for them to imagine a life of prayer....

"We try to listen to Him
and respond to Him in the depths of our soul.

"This requires an atmosphere of silence,
a silence both interior and exterior.

"Our entire life is not lived
in complete silence,
but it is lived
in an attentive
and loving
environment of silence.

"This oasis of silence is not emptiness,
but a fullness of God’s Presence.

"In this silence of the heart,
we are formed by God Himself,
and He teaches us the path of holiness and virtue,
how to become more like Him."

"Come and See...
January 26th-28th
For young women ages 17-24
We invite you to come for a visit
to see our Monastery
and discern your vocation.
If you are interested,
please call us at
or email us at

Holy Hour
talk with the nuns
and time for silent prayer"

from the website of
the Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration
at Saint Joseph Adoration Monastery
Portsmouth, Ohio

Happy Vocation Awareness Week!