Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"...a quiet flame...

" a candle held in a woman's hand,
or set in a window at dusk.

"Does this small spark, this life of prayer
serve the Church and our world of the third Millennium?"

"Carmel is a silence
that is broken by a song.

"It is a desert
where the Spirit sows seeds of joy
that bloom
and come to fruitfulness
under the profound action
of God."

"Do I desire to belong to Christ alone and live my whole life
seeking intimacy with him?

"Do I want to be an instrument
of peace and healing
in our wounded world?

"Do I believe
that a life of prayer and holiness
by itself is a true apostolate?
That it can make a difference
in our world
of the Third Millennium?"

"To discern a vocation means to:

  • "Listen to your own heart.

  • "Listen to Christ speaking in the Gospels.

  • "Listen to the words of a priest, friend or counselor
    in whom you have placed your confidence.

  • "Pray without anxiety,
    peacefully and perseveringly.

  • "Wait for the Lord
    and trust him
    for he will not fail
    to make you know
    his will for you."

from the well-crafted
and stunningly beautiful Web site of
Carmel of Terre Haute

(from a previous post)

Happy Vocation Awareness Week!